Stupid Things Muslims Say to Muslims: Gender Segregation Leads to Homosexuality

This could easily become a series, there certainly is enough material out there.

W and The King

I have seen both Muslims and Non-Muslims use this argument to attack Islam. The argument goes: Gender segregation leads Muslim men to commit homosexual acts, specifically raping boys. Raping children is something done by pedophiles. Consensual sex amongst adults of the same gender is called homosexuality. These are two different things. Men raping adult men or adult women is an act of violence. Now perhaps segregation leads male rapists to have to rape those whom they have easier access–other males, but again, that is not an act of homosexuality. Without any academic support, I will venture to say that the raping of boys and men is actually being heard about more in Muslim countries than Western countries has nothing to do with disproportionate number of occurrences. Rather in Western countries due to homophobia, this violent act is misconstrued as having to do with homosexuality and therefore men (fathers of victims too) will not report it or discuss it. Whereas in some other countries it is seen as a crime and/or a sin on the part of the perpetrator only. Though the rapist may be Muslim, it is with a lack of faith that such crimes are committed–NOT because of the rules of Islam. Again, this is just another crude way to attack Islam. Love and Peace


One thought on “Stupid Things Muslims Say to Muslims: Gender Segregation Leads to Homosexuality

  1. This post was moved here from my old blog, here are the comments:


    I don’t know if being in a gender separate society leads to more homosexual behavior… But I would hazard a guess that it might lead to ineffective understanding, communication, and normative interactions between the sexes.
    As far as homosexuals go, I think that folks should mind their own business about what others do in the privacy of their own home. I’ve always felt that as long as no one is being forced to do something I could care less about what others do in private. (which may not be an Islamically acceptable view)
    This does not mean I have ANY tolerance for rape, pedophiles, or other harmful behavior. Nor do I want to see folks “making out” in public (BOTH hetero and homo couples), that’s just gross.
    I just think the world would run a bit smoother if folks worried about their own actions and less about their neighbors.


    It’s mere conjecture.


    I wonder if Smooth Barack will hold hands.


    Whoa ho ho people. I need a dictionary for some of these comments.

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