Jewels of Survival

I went away to nurse my wounds and grind fresh salt for the next skirmish. Before I began my journey, I packed a little bag with some literally light reading material; after all my wounds are fairly superficial, worthy of only a daytrip really.

At the park, sitting amongst old men napping their Ramadan away, I reached for my loaded pen and ancient–but effective weaponry—my journal. My hand pulled out some pearls instead.

Keep yourself busy in remembering your faults, so that you have not time left to remember the faults of others. ~Imam Sufyaan ath-Thawri

My pre-emptive strike was immediately canceled. I read on “Know that people who have been hurt sometimes hurt others in return because they do not know any better,” from Jewels of Survival. I can never say enough about choosing one’s companions wisely, and I shouldn’t have to because Allah already told us so. My beloved friend Aaminah handmade this quirky-looking little zine, well—really only quirky if you are unfamiliar with zines—and she filled it with so much hikmah (wisdom) and baraka (blessing), masha Allah. And as generous sister would, within the pretty pages she reminded me to busy myself with bettering myself.

I didn’t make a list of all the wrongs done unto me, as I had planned. Instead I, tentatively, began a list of my own faults. And I realized that one of my worst is that I often mistake my faults for my attributes.

Jewels for Survival, illuminated with lustrous “Poetry, Essays, Short Fiction, etc.” is available through thaura zine distro. They also have other zines, stickers and even free publications available through the site. None have been filtered down through the process of mainstream publishing and marketing. All authentic voices, all the time — alhumdiAllah!


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