The Unfettered Convert: A Love Story

From the back cover:

She was always a little different. “Touched” is how her auntie described her. They all hoped that someday she would calm down and fit in. What they never anticipated was that she would settle down–with one of them –a Muslim man! Now they all know the truth–she really is crazy!

Cover, title and hook, the hard work is done–now who’s gonna write it? Autobiographies will be considered, of course.

By the way, this is my submission to the Blog Carnival: Convert Truths in Shades of Grey.

4 thoughts on “The Unfettered Convert: A Love Story

  1. HAHAHAHAHA. So true. I was alwasy the weird one, the one who spoke a language other than English, who dated guys with brown skin, who traveled the world. They almost expected it from me.

    1. If only I had an extra head. Or an intern. It would totally be the Candide of the American ummah. Without the vulgarity of course. ;D

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