Unschooling: Water Play

Boy in waterproof apron playing with elaborate water toy.

Sometimes I doubted myself, leaving behind your pre-fabricated, corporate-sponsored temptations. But, ya know, it is what you make it.

Four little kids in various bundlings (and lack of!) of out-door wear playing with water, rocks and a thumb-sized plastic boat in a trough of collected rain water.
Boy #3 has moved into what some call "The Seventh Year of Wonder"--it's a kind of awakening when they start to really explore the world around them. He is doing all kinds of cool things, like clogging this built-in flower bed on our balcony and collecting rain water to measure and play with.
Two nearly head-sized rocks we brought home from the beach and the kids put in the trough of collected rain water. Interestingly the mussels slid off and up the sides of the trough. I don't want to talk or think about what happened...
The rain water collected up to the top and overflowed within 24 hours. This was EXTREMELY fun for the kids to "observe" and "participate" in. It rained again this weekend and we have about two inches to play in today.
Palm-sized crab amongst sea snails at the beach. I wouldn't let the kids bring him home. And some say I am a permissive parent. Pshh.

3 thoughts on “Unschooling: Water Play

  1. Hmmm… Year of wonder. What is before? I wonder if I am expecting too much from my 3 and 6 yr olds?

    It’s fabulous you have a convenient trough. Should be good in the summer too.

    1. OMG! Yes, you are expecting wayyyyy too much, I thought your girls were a few years older. I prescribe deschooling for you. BIG dose. { ❤ }

  2. As-salaamu’alaykum
    Looks so fun!!!

    I really like the pictures (especially the last one), who would have thoughts rocks could look so pretty in a picture.

    Love Farhana

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