outlaw midwives zine vol 2

Cover collage of outlaw midwives vol 2 mama and baby cuddling and lots of beautiful smaller images of children, mamas and babies. And an abstract yoni.

Babies never quit being made, even during revolutions. So. Now is a good time to tell you all that outlaw midwives ii is out!!! And available to read for free online. And of course it is awesome, like the kind of awesome you search long and hard for.

Stepping out

Mai’a, Aaminah Al-Nakisbendi, Amy Gow, Patrice Nichole Byers, China

This is a conversation that occurred this summer on facebook between some incredible mamas and birthworkers telling stories, illuminating how racism, class, warfare, medical violence, exclusivity/ignorance of the natural birth community, nationality,and more play out in the way that people percieve themselves, their world, and childbearing. I am putting this here because I was so inspired by the level of discourse, the intersecting but unique points of views. some bad-ass mamas building with one another is a beautiful thing.

Verily, you will not find anything like this anywhere else. Enjoy and appreciate it here.


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