Beyond the Kitchen: We Still Do Too Much.

I love a good book written by Muslim women. You know there are few and far between. And when it chronicles the lives and ambitions of other Muslim women, oh fabulousness! So, I recently read Beyond the Kitchen: Muslim Women on Balancing Life, Family and Work by Huda Khattab. And then I wrote a review of it for SISTERS Magazine. You have to buy the magazine to get the full review, of course, but the shorty is that–It’s good!! Actually, I was wondering why I would waste my time to write a review of a horrible book, but then I finished a baddish book and believe that it is, like, my duty to tell you about it! But this one gets two thumbs up–does it still count as two with just my own thumbs?

Among the book’s participants, I found many sisters carving paths similar to sisters whom I have known, and there are even a few high-profile Muslimahs whom I have heard of who shared their experiences. A would-be opera singer who converted her creative energy and skills into developing Muslim media is an especially interesting and inspiring account, though even the most seemingly typical occupations and endeavors demonstrate the complexities and possibilities open to working Muslim women. Academic in its methodology, Beyond the Kitchen is a thoughtfully revealing read.

Really, a totally worthy read–especially for converts trying to figure out how to do the work thing as a Muslim and great for parents of young sisters–help them get it right the first time, please.

And as I was reading through all the other thought-provoking and inspiring articles written by Muslim women for Muslim women, THIS completely caught my attention!!


Strips of chicken on a bed of noodles. Yummiolio!

And you can get the very straight-forward (for the gourmet fraidy cats!) recipe right off the site. Insha Allah I’ll let you know how my attempt works out.


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