Here is Teh Truth: School And Why You Shouldn’t Use It

RSA Edge Lecture with creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson – Changing Paradigms

There is nada in this video  for me to argue against and I had to learn all this stuffs without school. Well, other than the part about school being evilly boring-I learned that in school and thank God I had the something to escape it. I only wish I had a nice little follow up video for you that so cutely explains that you can do it without school yes you can, and that emphasizes that school ain’t what is gonna get it for you. I mean subhanAllah, you think school is what got it for George W. Bush? He worked his tooshie off and got to be president? You are very dumb if you believe that.   :(reminder, I don’t publish trollings at all, save the keystrokes and increasing your risk of corporal tunnel syndrome):

So here’s what he explains in this video:

  • The current state of schooling is an archaic process created during the industry revolution in order to educate the masses just enough to get some laborers who could like read instructions and to weed out (up?) the intellectual/smart people for–like–managerial and advertising. Don’t worry about the rich people, they already have theirs and will continue to take care of their own. The rest of us are screwed if we continue to use the current system.
  • How children are dumbed down through school. They start off smart and get their brain cells sucked out of them. He uses scientific studies and stuff to demonstrate this. They ruin our kids. You know this is true. You are either a brain-dead idiot or have spent some years undoing the shiz they did to you.
  • How the schools KNOW THEY SUCK and are NOT created to foster smart thinking–otherwise they would change. God, the real kicker here is that everything cited for being better for educating people (collaborative work, smaller groups, multi-age groups, etc.) is exactly what is done in homeschooling and is simultaneously used against homeschooling. Sorry, but you people are so grossly ignorant and I can only blame the schools so much, cuz ya know you’ve been out for a while. Deschool yourself for your own sake.
  • ADHD is real and really used advantageously against kids.
  • ART is important and DANGEROUS. All really, really smart–like Plato smart–people know that and that’s why they keep trying to take it away from you peasants.

Ok, again, sorry there isn’t a nice little “Yes You Can Educate Your Own and They Gonna Get Theirs Anyway, Cuz It’s Already Written” video to follow this up with.


3 thoughts on “Here is Teh Truth: School And Why You Shouldn’t Use It

  1. When I saw this video, I first thought of Yasmeen, then of you. I am already beginning to search for the resources to homeschool my girl. School here, even Islamic school, is so different from her school in Morocco. Not only are they sucking out her brain cells, but her imagination, creativity and family time. I hate it!!! It’s all about testing, testing, and oh yeah, testing. Those standardized tests that even I, who was “schooled” hate!!!

    We are gonna have to talk about this more. I want you to make that follow up video, insha’Allah.
    Teach me, Brooke!

  2. More and more I think of homeschooling my boys, but I honestly do not feel that I have the patience to do so. I do, however, do at home supplementary lessons. We have library cards which are out to VERY good use. I have shelves and shelves of books that teach things they will not learn in school. I hated school and, probably as a direct result of that hatred, never finished college.

    1. My kids hear that I “have no patience” several times a day. I think those high school years are really super important to listen to kids and help them get through by any means necessary. Yours could probably test out well before they are even old enough too, insha Allah, if they want, but with your support and acknowledgement they can find their own path. For those who think all schools provide paths for everyone, uh, no. We know that.

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