Link Love: Serendipitous Geeking

I was feeling that it was serendipitous that at just about the same time I ran into the awesomeness that is Ami of Sputniksweetheart and a wiki page needing some attention. But then I remembered that I don’t believe in coincidence.

About 10 days ago, Brooke Benoit of Rolling Ruminations sent me an email introducing herself as an American writer who has an odd hobby of writing & submitting to Wikipedia entries. She asked for permission to submit one of my picture for a Wiki page, which is list of types of Sartorial Hijab. The list indexes styles of clothing found predominantly in Muslim societies. And she thinks it would be awesome if I provided an image for “Tudung“, not a traditional image but a look with a trendy twist….

AND! She is also in InTrend magazine this month!

To see more of the stylings and inspirings that is Ami go here to her Sputniksweetheart Conservative Chic Blog. She has become my non-guilty (and now no longer secret!) pleasure.


2 thoughts on “Link Love: Serendipitous Geeking

    1. Ami – I don’t know why I can never get comments through that blogger-linky-thingy, but I tried to say on your post something like: Congrats and thanks for all the inspiration and halal eye candy!!! You are helping me rethink my whole vessel! Masha Allah.

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