Homeschooling in the Mahgrib

Took a couple of kids to a gallery today. The nine year old is a prolific little artist and loves to “see how other people draw.” While me and the sil and the 12 year old were walking around downtown this weekend we passed a closed art gallery. Today I dragged 9yo and 7yo over there to check it out. Lots of awesome art! Traditional furnishings, including Berber rug, paintings and painted objects (like a traditional stringed instrument) from artists in Essaouira, a huge three dimensional model of a neighborhood and a wall of color photos of the same neighborhood.

So much variation and the receptionist was so friendly and informative. Except it wasn’t an art gallery. It was a real estate agency. *shrugs* You work with what ya got, ya know? Next week an outing to the aquarium–really.


2 thoughts on “Homeschooling in the Mahgrib

  1. Gotta love little outings like this. Today we went into a random alcove and found stores hidden inside and then a giant rotunda. Looked like the inside of a warehouse that was being temporarily divided into stores. Our art hunt was cool doors to the secret gardens. Yes you gotta work with what you got!

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