Sparkle Therapy and Sisterly Love

I got looped in! You know those internet meme thingies were people post something like, “I’ll send five homemade gifts to the next five people who promise to do the same!” and you respond “Me! Me! Me!” Well. I’ve been eyeing Sketched Soul’s swaps for awhile, but have had a lot of time constraint commitment issues and then a dear friend said something like “Oh you should” and so I did. And now I can tell ya–so should you!!

Farhana aka Sketched Soul has been doing these swaps for a couple years now with various themes and whatnot. The specifics for this particular swap called, “Gems Swapping” were pretty straight forward:

Intention of swap: To have as many sisters (young and old) as possible (around the world) to participate and spread the love. PLEASE encourage others to join.
Details of swap: Each participant will spend $5 to $10 on something(s) special for their partner. This should either be used on the item(s) or the supplies if you choose to send something handmade.
Participants allowed: International (females only).

I submitted my info and Farhana hooked me up with Miriam of Tranquil Hearts Gift Shop. I know, poor me right? We exchanged a few emails and basically all the info Miriam got from me was that I like green. And I still managed to fail to tell her that I hate forest green, I mean I hate it– it needs to stay in the forest. Thank God she guessed my favorite of favorites—CELADON!!!

Miriam is so smart, masha Allah. Ok the bracelet as is beautiful and sparkly and she even used the bright silver beads, which I love so much, and a matching dangling heart charm. But. The thing that is so brilliant about this bracelet is that it’s not, it’s not a bracelet– it is a super stealth tisbih or misbaha! I have never used a misbaha before. I have five kids and still can’t remember to put diapers in my purse, so carrying around a misbaha–not likely. And I wouldn’t awkwardly wrap one around my arm a couple of times because then there is that “for show” feeling I get, so nix that. But Miriam’s misbaha is so brilliant not only because it is sparkly and celadon and pretty–but it’s stealth! The rondelles are the perfect cut to keep the strand short enough to wear on one’s arm but still big enough to count with. So smart, masha Allah (uh, we do all I know that I am a jewelry maker, right? No? Oh, well I am and I am so rightfully impressed with Miriam’s design) And my Allah how I could use the reminder to make dhikr, athudibillah. I’m wearing it and used it for the first time today, so we’ll see how it goes!

Miriam included a sparkly pen, which I must hide from the four year old, and a handmade card that reads, “Verily in the rememberance of God do hearts find rest.” Quran 13:28. Masha Allah, so perfect and thoughtful and true!


If you are interested in joining a swap–come on, you know you wanna!–Farhana has a swap newsletter or you could just follow her blog which also features lots of craft tutorials and other Goodness, including this basbousa recipe I need to try, insha Allah.

Thanks Miriam and Farhana and she-who-kindly-twisted-my-arm to do this!


One thought on “Sparkle Therapy and Sisterly Love

  1. Salaams Dear:

    I thought Farhana was going to put pictures up on her site? I hope she does because I can’t take pics of my gift. I ate it already 🙂

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