Only Pretty Thoughts

Dearest Three Regular Readers,

We knew I would never be able to keep this at a steady pace and alas I have gotten very neglectful. It’s the beads! The pretty, sparkly, happy, sexy beads–they distract me and keep me busy these days.

Please have a looksie at my new Etsy shop, which The Boy #1 is in on as well, and don’t take me off your blogroll yet. Insha Allah I will be yammering away soon now that I figured out most of that yucky techy time-consuming stuff over at The Ets.



3 thoughts on “Only Pretty Thoughts

  1. Just remember, you don’t know how many people keep up with your blog via their (our) Reader. And some of us share your posts there also, so there are people reading you that you don’t even know about, even if you don’t always get a stat ding out of it. 🙂

  2. Assalamu Aleikom,
    Three readers? So funny! Made me want to comment after reading post after post after post– I get hooked easily, of course your writing and blog is awesome enough to do that to a person.
    I stumbled across your blog yesterday when searching for information about why kids are so crazy bad in the mosque– This past Eid sealed the deal for me at mine. I not only found a different perspective here but after more blogs, articles, I calmed down and decided I will not make a Facebook page just so I can email the mosque about how angry and hurt I was over that zoo in the ladies prayer room. Okay, so maybe I’m not completely there yet with that last sentence, but I’m workin on it.
    Anyway, I think I will be a regular here. You’re also inspiring me to possibly open back up that blog I used to have. I love writing, though suck at grammar and have been known to overuse the comma to the point someone might accuse me of being a comma w*****– sorry. Not a great impression I am making by saying that word( but did I really say it? Or just …) Nevermind.

    Eid Mubarak to you and your lovely family.
    P.s. I homeschool my 7 and 5 yr old and this yr decided to homeschool my 14 yr old who is entering 9th….soooo nervous!

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