Quick! Eid Decorating with The Kids

The last few years eid al-fitr has run up on me so fast that I haven’t been able to get anything special done with the kids. This year (probably because I’m not fasting!) I put in a BIG effort to at least get all of our clothes and snack shopping done ahead of time (probably because I am washing clothes by hand and now live in a rural area where everything will be shut down for eid and then some). So. I did it! I had everything ready for Saturday morning and then heard that eid probably wouldn’t be until Monday. Oh.

Pinning seemed like the obvious thing to do with all my extra time. And it led me to realize that I had everything on hand to do this: *note, I know I could have made some quicky posters or paper ring chains or similar, but I hate to make non-resuable decorations, so I don’t and hence the never-having-enough-time-to-make-something, but this I could:

Now, take a good look at the sample and compare it to our final piece. Those picturesque, perfectly crafted tutorials with children are never my reality.

I almost lost my Mary Poppins a few times, but ultimately I love the individuality that each child brought to it, of course.


I also had the brilliant idea to write an eid greeting on our rustic (read unfinished) walls, but, um, ran out o chalk…

May He accept our Good deeds, from you and me!

Love and Peace,



6 thoughts on “Quick! Eid Decorating with The Kids

  1. MashaAllah I love the homemade strings. My daughter was repurposing jewelry in the same manner last night. All she wants for Eid is a big bead craft kit so she can do stuff like this!! Love Love Love this.

    1. We’ve had some issues in the past with bead snobbery around here- they always wanted to use mine instead of plastic/kiddy beads!- but Zaynab broke through and we really have, um, a lot of beads. So much you can do with them.

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