Unschooling – Discovery New Possibilities

Before we moved to Casablanca, I anticipated that I would be a full-time home-educating mom once we got here. This would be the first time in forever that I hadn’t worked some job either at home or out of it, either as my family’s primary income or as a supplemental income. Actually, when we had lived in Casa seven years prior- that was the last time I hadn’t worked, and this time I was determined to “dedicate all my time to my kids.” I imagined that I would do some writing when the creative drive presented itself and maybe do a little tutoring too in order to build up a resume. Thank God it didn’t happen at all like that.

Soon after arriving in Casa I was invited to write for SISTERS Magazine. This was a very exciting surprise for me, but also left me feeling conflicted. Not only was I worried about busying myself and therefore neglecting my kids, I would also be writing about us and well- could I do that in a tactful, non-backbiting and still interesting way? I thought long and hard and prayed istikarah and you see what happened.

I should have known better on several fronts. I’ve expatted before so I know it doesn’t work out as planned. And aside from that, I have read about a kuzillion home-educating, parenting and pedagogy materials in the last decade and I know that nurturing oneself is critical to being a well-rounded parent, yet I was still falling for the Mommy Martyr bit. Again, thank God, I was pulled out of it!

In addition to being my little outlet, writing for SISTERS was an opportunity for me to demonstrate to my kids how to produce. I’m raising up a gang of prolific readers, which although some find it hard to “produce” readers, well my concern is more with producing producers– whether they be writers, artists, inventors- whatever their inclination may be, my concern has been with helping my kids to find that drive, that confidence, that whatever which will encourage them to contribute. I had hoped that by writing for a magazine it would create a sort of blasé base in my kids- if mom can do that, what can I do?

Well, they can do that too. I am pretty ridiculously excited to direct you to the newly launched Discover- The magazine for curious Muslim kids and my eldest son’s writing debut:

Discover is being printed this week, please check the facebook page to find out where you can get it: https://www.facebook.com/DiscoverMagazineKids

Read! And contribute!

2 thoughts on “Unschooling – Discovery New Possibilities

  1. Bravo! MashaAllah, you must be very proud! Can’t wait to read it, inshaAllah. (my son is 2 and can’t handle a magazine, but I don’t care – I’m buying it! ;p )

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