40 Nights of Unadulterated Love Notes

Today was our first real snow, sledding worthy. I have been looking forward to the colder weather and being able to turn away from the beautiful great outdoors and work on various projects. Of course I had hoped to do some things with the kids, but like I said- sledding weather- so we shall see if they turn to the craft table anytime soon. But as for me, I did NaNo this year and it got me hooked on doing some time-framed or similarly structured projects. I am forever deferring projects- no time, no time- but somehow I pushed through and stuck to 30 days of noveling- though I didn’t finish and wasn’t able to dedicate an hour or more to writing every day- but I did stick it out and got a nice chunk done. And this time-framed/self-inflicted deadline seems to work for a few friends, so- I’m hooked. Actually I’m doing two projects simultaneously…

Or is that three? I have long wanted to learn Arabic and for almost as long I have wanted to learn the 99 names of Allah (SWT). My first project is to familiarize myself with the Arabic alphabet by writing out the 99 names in Arabic. Easy enough, insha Allah, I’m just writing out 3 or 4 names in English and Arabic for a few minutes every day.

The other project stemmed from a friend’s poem which had a sweet little bit in it about love notes under pillows. I haven’t done much handwritten correspondence in a decade, though I used to do quite a bit, so I thought that might be fun to do that thing so many people suggest to keep the marriage jumping or whatever it is they say, by writing and tucking away some little love notes. But then I thought better to write them to myself…

The first one, for tonight, is about breastfeeding, which I’m doing right now. If some less personal notes come about, maybe I will share them, otherwise I’m onto 40 Nights of Love Notes under my own pillow and the 99 Names of Allah while the kids are soaking through there mittens.

Happy Creating!


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