Live Below the Line: I’m Going to!

Occasionally I like to challenge myself. You know, get out of my comfort zone, learn new things and all. The adjustment to my diet (read “losing my food preferences, cravings and splurges”) has been one of the bigger challenges of moving my family out to a rural village in the High Atlas Mountains. Of course when I consider the unjust states which others are forced to live in and I keep my deen in perspective, I know that I am extremely privileged. I mean I can’t get avocados, Lays and hamburger that easily anymore, but come on, I still manage to make myself a mocha nearly every morning. So when I read about the Live Below the Line challenge on the Eco Muslim’s blog I thought Good for her! but didn’t consider the challenge for myself until I began making up some baby-related missed Ramadan fasts a few weeks ago. Once again I was reminded of how much food I really do have and take for granted, alhumdulillah. So I’ve taken up the challenge-

Insha Allah from April 29th – May 3rd I’m going to


While I hear mumblings about how much easier it is for me to do this challenge here in Morocco where food is cheaper, it’s important to realize that 13 dirhams a day is still not enough to support an adequate calorie intake for anyone- yet at least 20% of Moroccans live like this daily- not just for a one time challenge- and of course the majority in poverty are children. So, by doing this event, it’s my hope to:

Raise money (more than I could give all by myself) for those who do Live Below the Line all.the.time.

Please sponsor my challenge to Live off of £1 ($1.50) a day for 5 days. *The challenge is over, but please continue to support  Association Bayti:

  • Donate directly to Association Bayti in Casblanca: Km 12,5 Ancieene Route de Rabat, Sidi Bernoussi, 20610 Casablanca, Morocco


I’ve started calculating my diet plan for my LIVE OFF £1 A DAY FOR 5 DAYS! and it’s not looking too exciting- 1/4 of my money may just got to coffee, without chocolate obviously. I’ll post pics and details as soon as I get started on April 29th. In the meantime go check out the fabulousity of my sweet sister sponsors:

Yezarck Fine Art
SISTERS Magazine
The Eco Muslim

3 thoughts on “Live Below the Line: I’m Going to!

    1. Walaikum Asalam You! Thanks Far- And you are a great inspiration to me Sissy- going to be hitting you up soon about how to fill a library, insha Allah 😉 ❤

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