Live Below the Line: Day 1

Wells, it’s Day 1 of my five day challenge to live like billions of people the world over (unjustly) do- on less than  £1 ($1.50) worth of food daily. Today is not so bad as I am fasting anyway and will be skipping lunch, still half of my food budget was used up by a modest breakfast:

$ 0.20 Coffee

$ o.41 Eggs with processed cheese             

$ 0.11 Millet porridge

$ 0.06 Bread

Total: $ 0.78

So, my idea of “not so bad” means forgoing my usual butter, jelly/honey and sometimes fruit. Oh yeah, plus skipping an entire meal. Mmmhm. Have I mentioned that I am a nursing mama?

I have also posted this story about food/poverty in the US which I wrote a few years ago, and it makes me think of my sweet friend Aneesa who is doing the challenge in the US.  Go read, go give. Please


2 thoughts on “Live Below the Line: Day 1

  1. Salaam…

    I’m really interested in how your challenge goes inshallah… I went back to the UK for a visit last Autumn and wasn’t ready for how expensive life has become in the West… not sure if I would be able to manage it.
    I thought I knew poverty till I moved to Algeria… but in some respects poverty is easier to deal with least more people than not are in the same boat and there is less stigma attached to being poor…
    I’ll be reading with interest inshallah


    1. Walaikum asalam,
      I think that’s likely because folks in Algeria and elsewhere understand that they are poor because of systemic injustices, whereas folks in the UK buy into fallacies around entitlement and ‘you get what you deserve,’ rather than fighting the injustices. *emoticons fail*

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