Day 2 Tally: Live Below the Line

Ok, so in my new alternate reality I am either a thief or living somewhere near a foodbank which is supplementing my paltry diet:

$0.20 coffee
$0.11 millet poridge
$0.99 spahgetti w/meat sauce (I swore I would’t eat the tablespoon or so of meat- but I lied)
$0.23 bread
$0.35 cookies
$0.09 jelly candies
$0.15 tea

Daily Total: $2.12

In case this cancels out the sponsor-challenger agreement, I hope to make up that 62 cents when I am fasting on Thursday, insha Allah. Like I hoped not to eat any meat in today’s lunch…


Give here or here or here to help relieve extreme poverty.


And if you haven’t read about the Grandmother sentenced to 2.5 years jail time for stealing cassavas for her sick grandson- you should.

*** Agh. I forgot I shared a banana with the baby! $0.12!!!

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