Link Self-Love: Rethinking Ramadan Ibadah

 Though my enthusiasm and expectations were high at the beginning of last Ramadan, unfortunately, by the end of the month I was somehow disappointed, feeling like a loser.

I finally realized how unrealistic I was about maximizing my Ramadan goals; in turn I made plans to spend the whole year prepping to be my best for this Ramadan.

In the past Ramadans- in addition to the complete upheaval of fasting and how that affected my scheduling and energy- I wanted to do so much more – too much.

I wanted to read the entire Qur’an at least once (with commentary!), to prayTaraweeh every night plus Tahajjud every morning, to perform all possible voluntarily prayers, to increase my  du’as before and after prayer in addition to any other applicable du’as I have not yet learned by heart, and of course I wanted to make special things with/for my kids. The list went on and on…

Later on, I found myself comparing my performance to what I heard other sisters use to do during the holy month, which only fueled my disappointment.

At that moment, I decided to change my perspectives…

Read how I got my Ramadan ibadah together here at OnIslam


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