Link Love: Goals as a Learning Tool via Unschoolery

With The Eldest working towards his highschool diploma, setting goals has become a thing around here. Seems something is in the whatever as here is a great article from Leo Babauta of Unschoolery about unschooling and setting goals:

Some of you might know that I’m a fan of letting go of goals, or living/working without goals …

So you might be surprised to know that this week, I decided to encourage my kids to create 2014 goals and a plan for accomplishing those goals.

What gives? Well, I thought I’d use goals as a teaching/learning tool in our little unschooling adventure. I’ve found goals to be unnecessary for accomplishing things, but I don’t believe goals are evil, especially if you use them right. And they can be a useful tool to learn about something.

In this case, I’m helping the kids to learn about achieving things. It can be easy in life, and in unschooling, to let the days pass by without doing anything important or exciting. That’s fine if you have a job and are getting a regular paycheck, but if you own your own business or are an unschooler, you don’t have that luxury. You can take a few days off, but eventually you’re going to have to produce.

And so how do you get motivated to do something good? Well, there are lots of ways. Some possibilities:

* Find a project that excites you and get up each day looking forward to working on it. This is what I do most of the time. You don’t need a goal to help you get up and work on something exciting.
* Find a partner to work on something with you. Being accountable to a partner helps you stick to the project.
* Be a part of a team doing something awesome.
* Be a part of an accountability group — people who are working on different things, but hold each other accountable for what they’re doing. This can be a formal group or just your friends checking in on each other.
* Help people. When you have someone to help, it motivates you to do stuff.
* Find inspiration. Surround yourself with inspirational people.
* Declare your goals or habits or project publicly. Report publicly.
* Get motivated by needing to pay the bills. Go out and find clients or customers.

Read the rest here.


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