“Could It Be Islamic and Erotic?” Guest post by Brooke Benoit

I’m mostly off the fence today, but would love to hear others’ thoughts- can literature be Islamic and erotic?

Between Sisters, SVP!

Guest post by Br00ke Benoit who is an artist, mama to six, writer, editor, Islamic fiction champion and frequent baker living a greenish life in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco


(CC photo credit: Eleaf)

~Could It Be Islamic And Erotic? Muslims are advised to “not be shy” about delicate particulars, so why can’t we, in moderation of course, read some halal erotica, like Papatia Feauxzar’s novel Between Sisters, SVP!? While working with a group of Muslim writers to flesh out a thorough definition of what Islamic fiction is, we had plenty of disagreements about what could be included and what was beyond the fold of the literary category, except for one detail: Islamic fiction does not include depictions of sex acts. In hindsight, maybe we didn’t all agree about that one, but at that time I sat quietly on the fence pondering the possibility of Islamic erotica. Why would it be…

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