Why Do We Unschool?

Here’s the latest over on my new ‘family’ blog 😉

Blog of Nine

Not So WaldorfyWhen I first decided to homeschool it felt like I needed to take in a tremendous amount of new information and very quickly. I suppose like many people I thought that I needed to be an expert of some sort to do it, so I read a lot about homeschooling methods in a very short time. I chose Waldorf-style. I liked it, it jelled with me – using crayons and drawing to learn the alphabet, as well as using other natural materials to learn with, which I have long preferred for myself, and spending a lot of time in and revering nature – this all sounded like good and fun stuff. Homeschooling was going to be fun! We started taking parent-child classes at the local Waldorf school and we both got a lot out of them. He got to bake and play, I got to study a teacher implementing Waldorf…

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