Passing the Plate of Cookies: All Credit Where Due

The White Privilege and the Ummah series has been nominated for a Brass Crescent Award. It is really encouraging and inspiring to know that enough people got something out of the series to remember it and nominate it.  I would like to be clear that this series was in no way an origination of my own, it was completely inspired by Jamerican Muslimah.

One thing I have learned in theory and practice during the last couple of years I have been learning about the ongoing injustice of racism is that white people generally don’t like to talk about racism at all and specifically don’t like to talk about it with people of color. I hope that any Mozzies who may pass through here in the coming days are able to see that as a challenge and begin listening to those who know best about racism and live with its reality of on a daily basis.

Here are some good places to start:

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Margari Aziza: Reflections at the Intersection of Islam, Race and Gender

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