New Pretty Things In Brookolie Etsy Shop

BTW, I am adding lots of shimmery, sparkly, one-of-a-kind things to my Etsy shop this weekend, which starts today. Please ‘like’ my Brookolie Facebook page where you will find a not-so-secret 20% off coupon. Thanks for looking!

Biwa! Loads of pearls and silver in this triple strand with charm(s) bracelet.
Ready set layered. Sterling, pearl, jade, briolette almost triple-strand necklace.

Like I said, many pretty, pretty things…

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Metsy Monday: Fiber Arts

Here we have some of my very favorite things – wearable art, plush toys, fabric and fiber jewelry – it’s all fiber arts in this Metsy Monday treasury!


*click the pic below to go straight to Etsy and enjoy.


Metsy Mondays Fiber Arts

* “Metsy” is a portmanteau of the words Muslim and Etsy – you know, like Mipster

Metsy Mondays: For The Muslim Male

Confession: I usually (window) shop on Etsy with myself or my kids in mind. The husband does most of his own shopping, and I fill in the boring gaps: socks, underclothes, and um, socks. Apparently I am not the only one suffering a lack of imagination when it comes to shopping for the Muslim males, especially the Mister Mipsters ones, but yaye for the fabulous makers and sellers on Etsy who keep you guys in mind.

This week’s Metsy Mondays is made for and dedicated to the shouldn’t-be-so-elusive-to-shop-for Muslim Male.

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*every Monday I am featuring the tons of awesome Muslimmade and Islamic finds on Etsy. Please leave your own or your favorite shop in the comments so I can add them to a treasury, iA.

Metsy Mondays

Last week I had way fun rounding up collections of Eid and other Muslimy finds on Etsy. Since then I have met and found a whole bunch more of Muslim sellers on Esty, and so I am going to regulalry curate treasuries full of Muslims every week until I forget or all my kids get sick at the same time or something. Insha Allah:

Welcome to Metsy Mondays!

A collection of hijabs, abayas, jewelry, artwork and other Muslimmade items on Etsy.

Check out this week’s collection featuring everything from hijabs, studded and leather trimmed (ok, faux leather) abayas, and truly unique jewelry (all of us jewelry makers like to think our stuff is unique) to adorable logo designs, home furnishings, art prints and the very important stuff of fez-wearing, moustashed crotchet birdies. Bonus- Pearl Daisy sighting.

Click on the image to go directly to the listings. Enjoy!

*Oh, also- please leave your own or your favorite Muslim Etsy items/sellers in the comments so I can add them to Metsy Mondays. Ok, now enjoy!

** “Metsy” is a portmanteau of the words Muslim and Etsy, you know like Mipster 😉