4 thoughts on “About

  1. “I am aware that once words roll off tongues or past finger tips, they have a powerful presence and I would like to erase a lot of what I have said and written, but those imprints remain”

    Love it, mashaAllah.

  2. AsalamuAlaykum Sister, I hope all is well. I was wondering what program/website you follow for homeschooling-unschooling. Or do you just have your own program? I’m curious because I am also currently living in Morocco and I need a bit of help in finding a program for my siblings…Jazallahukhairan

    1. Walaikum Asalam, We are not using any set curric right now. Did use Clonlara online, but older kids are no working towards GED and/or BAC, which I hear may be available in English… how old are your siblings? Are they Moroccan?

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