Writerly Services

Specializing in content for multi-cultural and Muslim audiences


By editing I mean copy editing, whereby I meticulously go over your document and make sure your grammar, word usage, sentence structure and punctuation is orderly before you reveal your work to the general public or your target audience. Examples of the documents I am able to edit include:

  • Manuscripts for self-publishing
  • Website content, especially technical or Islamic content
  • Long and short form articles and essays
  • CVs and Resumes – which usually includes suggestions for content changing and rearranging, but this is not a service for CV/resume writing
  • Important personal or business correspondence

Beta Reading & Manu-Ready

I’ll be your reader!

Belinda Pollard has a great and thorough explanation of what a beta reader is and who needs one:

A beta reader gives you feedback on your finished manuscript, so you can adjust it before you self-publish or start querying literary agents. They help you identify any problems with the readability, usefulness or saleability of your manuscript.

A good beta reader can help you make your manuscript 10 times better than it was before. Even experienced writers need second opinions on their books. But how do you find one of these magical creatures?

You have found one of these magical creatures right here. As an editor and writer I have a well-trained eye for what content is and isn’t working, as well as what may be missing from your piece. I will return your manuscript with substantive commentary and be available to further discuss any details.

Among the people I have beta read for are writer and novelists Hend Hegazi, Papatia Feauxzar, Aaminah Shakur, Sumayyah Talibah and Na’ima B Robert. You can read the nice things some of them have said about me here.

Copy Writing

Need an About page for your website or online store? Need SEO (search engine optimization) and eye-grabbing description of your product or service? I can do that! Some of the copy writing I do is:

  • Content targeted blog posts for product/website
  • Engaging email newsletters
  • Thorough and captivating advertisement text
  • A well-thought out landing page

Content Writing

Maybe you need written content that is a little heavier than copy writing, I can do that too! Click here to view a sample of my content writing for a (quintessential) website and corresponding e-guide I recently wrote. Other content I can provide includes:

  • Advertorials
  • eBooks and eGuides
  • Customized articles and page content for websites
  • Policy and other informational pages for online stores

Rates and Referrals

Better than competitive rates, I consider my fees to be more like flexible rates. Instead of charging clients a flat base rate, I look over each potential project and offer a fee that is inline with the project and will work within your budget. And if I can’t commit to a project, I can likely refer you to a great writer or editor who can.

Contact me at brookebenoit@hotmail.com to discuss project details and receive a price quote.

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