Treasures Found in Shopping Small

You know that running joke from My Big Fat Greek Wedding about the dad who uses Windex on all kinds of wounds? We have habits like that in my family. There is an uncle who gargles with a substance I won’t name here for fear of furthering weirdness. As for myself, I have (had!) an unhealthy attachment to triple antibiotic ointment. It’s one of the few things I ask people to bring to me here in Morocco where I have only seen singular antibiotic ointment available. I need(ed) triple! This is an odd thing about me because I otherwise lean pretty heavily towards traditional and homeopathic ways of healing and caring for my household – there’s no Lysol or Mr. Propre under my sink. So when I caught a glimpse of Love and Light Healing’s Herbal Salve I had myself a little realization/awakening moment. And I got some! Oh but wait, actually it was swiped by son #1 who frequently injures himself and was the primary user of the ointment we shall no longer name.


I also picked up some of Chasity’s beautifully handcrafted teas- for both internal digestion and, um, external application. Yup, she makes a variety of yummy teas and yoni (vaginal) steam baths and even postpartum sitz baths. Easily my favorite thing from the Love and Light Healing shop is her herbal pain relief stick with arnica, lemongrass, clove, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, ginger, tea tree, lavender, and beeswax. It works, it feels rather lux using it AND it smells so incredible. Love and Light Healing also carries handwrapped gemstone jewelry, a line of body and bath products, and lovingly handcrafted tinctures, such as elderberry and black walnut. Chasity is a doula and healer and can do a variety of special orders as well. I rate her shop and products: Absolute awesomeness.


Next up in my #shopsmall adventures is Aaminah Shakur’s work, who I am a happy, happy repeat customer of. I ordered several custom crochet pieces, which I photographed the wrong side of the blankets above because they are just so beautiful either way and I am a dork. They are down in a cable stitch like these baby bonnets here. Last year I got some fingerless gloves and an infinity scarf for son #2 from Shakur, and son #3 was a bit coveting, so for this (very mild seaside) winter I ordered Mother and Son matching fingerless gloves for he and I. He LOVES them. And he was actually pretty excited that I gave him my pair on accident (I admitted to dorkdom) and so he got to wear both pairs. Those are mine on him in the photo below.


CardsI also got a series of handmade cards from Aaminah that not I will not be sending to anyone but bought to frame and put up somewheres in my home, maybe by the kitchen… and a handpainted journal also for me, me, me. Aaminah’s shop also features their paintings, collages, jewelry, bags (which I need one of!) and some of their writing and poetry. Shop rating: a Generous Gathering of Gorgeous

SBraceletAnd one more shop I am featuring in today’s bountiful round up is Sumayyah Said So. In the past I have given Sumayyah’s unique, handmade jewelry as gifts, though I have bought a couple of her books for myself, but then this bracelet was seemingly made just for me… It looks great on me, huh?

It features Serpentine jade and three shades of wooden beads in a double strand. I am now “watching” her new moon earrings series and her surprisingly adorable skull ones. She also has a variety of unique bracelets and necklaces in her shop.

Sumayyah’s books and stories are just as original and unique as her jewelry, featuring super likable (even the bad guys sometimes!) characters often in fantastical and amusing situations. Sumayyah has hundreds of her own poems and short stories available to read on her website, but please consider clicking on her tip jar on your way out. Shop rating: Truly One of A Kind.

I shop small year round, both locally and online. It is often the only way for me to find exactly what I need, but it also does all those other great things, such as supporting great families and individuals, being kinder on the environment and filling my home with beautiful and well-made things.