But What About High School? And College?

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Unschooling high school feels like the biggest leap of faith so far in our homeschooling journey. If we, The Parents, fail our kids here, then we have failed them for life – or so it feels. I have mostly been happy and confident to facilitate child-led learning over the last 12 or so years, but while standing on the peripheral of their experiences that crescendo of worry has been building up in me as my eldest child got closer to the typical high school graduation age.

For many years I had hoped that my kids would want to eventually try formal schooling, especially high school, as I have heard that many homeschooled kids do. While my second child is pining to do so (but doesn’t currently have the needed language skills to jump in) my first son, Badier, has never had an interest. So, as far as I could see…

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Weekend Update: Chores, Socialization and Fried Food – the need to knows of unschooling

These days most of my blogging (ok, all my blogging!) is happening over here on our family blog – Blog of NineFeatured Image -- 1984

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We are lagging a bit on our posts, already, and I have some guilt about that (I have so much mama guilt in general though, so let’s ignore it), but the kids are doing a lot of stuff and that’s partially why we haven’t coordinated a new post. Here’s what our typical unschooling life is looking like this week:

Big Boys Suggest: Badier and Zak finally looked over our lil blog here, thanks guys! Zak says it looks very professional, thanks WordPress! And then they proceeded to bemoan why we suggested that butt video from Vsauce especially after mentioning the cooler one about everyone jumping on the earth at the same time. Then the Big Boys did this thing they occasionally do, they proceeded to check in with their little sisters to see what they are watching these days. We could call this interest of theirs control-freakishness or we…

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